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Discover Cherry Hill's Voted BEST Fitness Boot Camp That Burns Fat FAST
No Magic Pills or Endless Hours on the Treadmill - Just Efficient Workouts, Simple Eating Plans, 
and the Results You Deserve
MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES: *Bootcamp* *Tight-n-Tone Strength* *Live Online Zoom Workouts* & 1on1 Nutritional Coaching!!
See the results from people just like you who are using my proven fat loss program.
Hate the Way You Look In Clothes??
As you get ready for your day, do you cringe when you look in the mirror …

…do you notice that your favorite jeans don't fit like they used...

…and even worse, your waist is now spilling over the top of those favorite jeans...

Sound or feel familiar? 

We hear this a lot, from most everyone that comes through our doors actually.

You're not the only one who is struggling to lose weight, and it's not your fault.

This happens to EVERYONE.

Think about it...

You don't have anyone showing you the proper way to eat or how to exercise in a way that will send your metabolism through the roof! ( FYI...it doesn’t require working out multiple hours or even every day.)

You might find exercise boring or intimidating.

And most importantly; there is no one holding you accountable or giving you support.

You try to lose weight for a while then eventually give up because you aren't getting results.
Who can blame you, pretty tough to stay inspired don’t you agree?

Your jeans still feel tight so you bust out your fat pants. Now you just feel hopeless.

You wish that you could just have someone tell you what to do so that you can finally stop playing the "what pants will fit today" game. 

If you can relate to ANY of that, maybe Fit-4-Life Boot Camp is the solution for you...

Wouldn’t it be great if this was the year you finally fit into your favorite pair of “Skinny Jeans?”

Are you willing to commit to yourself for 28-days? 

Will you commit to doing it with our help?
(Covered by a fully unconditional money back guarantee of course.)

My name is Kevin Hensel and my team and I have helped thousands of people just like you over the last 21 years. 

We’d love to help you have your best season ever with our Group Training Programs!
What Is Fit-4-Life Bootcamp All About?

Metabolic Optimizer Workouts

During this program you will experience a new 30 and 60 minute workout every day; one designed around balancing your body, eliminating pain and most importantly improving your metabolism with our "Afterburn" to reach your weight loss goals faster. We modify things as needed, if we find that you have physical limitations or movement impingements, we always strive to coach you on what you need to be doing and working on next to continue to get the results that you deserve. Whether this is your first workout or you're a "workout warrior" you will find our workouts safe, challenging and effective! Includes Bootcamp & Group Strength Training - WORKOUT SCHEDULE - BELOW

Exclusive Nutritional Program

You can’t out train a bad diet. Any training program that doesn’t come with a nutrition component will fail, that’s why we built you a nutritional framework that’s flexible and fits your lifestyle. No more “rabbit food” diets. We understand that sometimes you just need someone to show you what to do... 1-on-1 Nutritional Coaching is Included. We have you covered. Just follow the plan and the results will take care of themselves. (HINT: Our program will show you how you can use any food on the planet successfully for weight loss (yes ladies even chocolate

Vibrant Community Support & Inspirational Emails 

Some days are harder than others. Making lifestyle changes isn't always going to be easy. If it was, you wouldn't be here. We know, we've been there too. That's why we make sure to include a heavy dose of inspirational follow up that keep us going when the day is hard. Some days you just need to be reminded that you are on the right path and success is right around the corner, and that's where our community comes in, we're a family and we support each other 24/7!

Accountability Checks

Get expert coaching from our team of coaches with the support of others who are just like you. Leadership and accountability could be another missing ingredient you need to make this time count. There is a reason our clients are so successful because we do extensive results and accountability checks. We will know when you've been sneaking in Oreo cookies or missing workouts. When you know that you can't get away with it, all of a sudden the results start happening!
What Makes Fit-4-Life Different from Gyms & Other Studios
  • All Sessions Pre-Scheduled like a Drs Appt - So You DONT SKIP WORKOUTS
  •  Miss a Workout? We Contact You To Make Sure You Get Scheduled Back In & Right Back on Track
  •  Forget To Schedule A Workout? We contact you up to 3x per week to get scheduled 
  •  Weekly Evaluations & Weigh Ins to make sure you stay on track
  •  At Home Workouts: Cant make it to the studio - get weekly workouts sent to you each week
  •  Weekly Meal Plans & Healthy Recipes 
  •  FUN Health & Fitness Challenges each month so you can win $ and/or prizes to stay motivated
  •  MEET-UPS: Have fun with your new Fit4Life Family (outdoor bootcamps, walk cooper river, potluck dinners)
  •  PRIVATE FACEBOOK VIP GROUP: Daily Meal Plans, Healthy Recipes, 24/7 QnA, & At Home Workouts 
  •  Personal Trainers/Coaches are certified & college degreed in exercise science fields with specialized training correcting muscular imbalances
  •  Workouts target different muscle groups on different days - constantly changing so you dont get injured and never get bored!
  •  METABOLIC INTERVAL TRAINING: Fuse fat melting cardio bursts with lean muscle building strength exercises in a 30 and 60 minute workout
  • Unlimited Access to our Cardio Equipment
LIVE ZOOM & STUDIO GROUP WORKOUTS INCLUDE: 30 & 60 min workouts; avg 4-6 ppl/workout
Bootcamp & Tight-n-Tone Strength Workouts Included
===>>Bootcamp - metabolic interval training fuses fat melting cardio bursts with tight-n-tone strength exercises
===>>Tight-n-Tone Strength Training - focus on building tight n tone muscles with customized strength & core exercises - with no joint pounding cardio bursts
P.S. 30 days from now you could be lighter, thinner, full of energy and feeling great about yourself or you could still be struggling along on your own trying to lose weight and get results. 

P.S.S. Can't wait to see you in Boot Camp. I know you are going to love it!
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